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This year marks the 500th anniversary of a German monk named Martin Luther nailing 95 theses against the Roman Catholic practice of indulgences on the door of the Church in Wittenberg, and thereby beginning what we have come to know as the Protestant Reformation. To celebrate and remember the truths that were championed in the Reformation, we are going to take a break from Philippians 1, to examine those truths which require us to have the courage to be protestant. This week we will examine at the Necessity of Regeneration from John 3:1-8. Utilize the resources below to familiarize yourself with the topic and prepare yourself for Sunday.

God’s Role in Regeneration – John MacArthur (Listen – 55min; Read – 40min)

Key Quotes from Luther’s Bondage of the Will (Read – 10min)

The Bondage of the Will, the Sovereignty of Grace, and the Glory of God – John Piper (Listen – 60min; Read – 20min)


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Though we live in a world full of sorrows and difficulties, as those who believe in a Sovereign God, we can have hope knowing that these troubles are not vain consequences resulting from mindless natural phenomena, but instead, the intentional acts of our loving Father. This week, we will be looking at Philippians 1:12-18 to see how we—as ambassadors of Christ—ought to respond to the sufferings we face, and how our suffering actually leads to the advance of the gospel. Check out the resources below in order to sharpen yourself for our time of worship this Sunday.


Heroes of the Christian Faith: Polycarp – R.C. Sproul (Listen – 21min)

Joseph the Masai Warrior (Watch – 3min; Read 2min)

JULY 9 — PHILIPPIANS 1:12-13, Your Attitude Toward Suffering, Part 1

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While it is imperative that believers have lives full of joy, this does not mean that they will have lives free of sorrow. On the contrary, suffering is an innate feature of the lives of those who follow the “Man of Sorrows.” Instead of these sorrows robbing us of our joy, however, they serve as an opportunity to glorify God as we rejoice in the midst of our pain. This Sunday we will look at the three types of suffering we face, as we begin our study of suffering in Philippians 1:12-18. Watch and read the resources below to help prepare your heart and mind for this coming Lord’s day.

Prosperity Gospel – John Piper (Watch – 3 min)

Adoniram Judson Biography – John Piper (Listen – 70 min)

Let the Nations Be Glad


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Each Sunday for the past five weeks we have studied the attributes and the objectives of a joyful life as presented in Philippians 1:3-10. This Sunday we will cover the last two objectives of the passage: to Obey more and to Glorify God more. This will not only conclude our series, but culminate it as well. For, ultimately the objective of our joyful life is to glorify God through obedience. Follow the link below to listen to John Piper explain how God’s glory is intertwined with your joy.

Getting to the bottom of your Joy-John Piper (Listen~59 min)

Come Praise and Glorify

June 25 — Philippians 1:9b-10, The Objectives of a Joyful Life, Part 2

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Sunday, we turn our attention again to the Objectives of a Joyful life, drawn from Paul’s prayer for the Philippians. This week, we will see that his prayer is for their “knowledge” and “discernment.” Sad to say, but these two pursuits are generally ignored and even derided in many Christian circles. But the joy of knowing Christ is anchored in TRUTHS we learn from Scripture, and by dispelling the LIES of the world by renewing our minds. Check out the following resources after meditating on the Word.

What does the Bible say about knowledge? (Read – 5min)

What is Discernment? (Read – 10min)

The Renewed Mind and How to Have it (Listen/Watch – 42min; Read – 15min)

June 18 — Philippians 1:9, Objectives of a Joyful Life, Part 1

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For the past few weeks, we have been learning about the joyful life that Paul presents through his prayer in Philippians 1. Within that study of the joyful life, we now move from the attributes of that life, to the objectives of it. That first objective—which is the subject of our sermon this Sunday—is what Jesus said is the defining characteristic of his disciples: love. In the resource below, Dr. John MacArthur preaches on the distinctively Christian love which is found in Philippians 1:9, as well. Make use of it as you prepare your heart and mind to be instructed by God’s word this weekend.

Essentials for Growth in Godliness, Part 1 (listen – 52min)

O Great God

June 11 — Philippians 1:6-8, Attributes of a Joyful Life, Part 3

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Because of the fall, sorrow, cynicism, and resignation can easily become our attitude towards life and the world. Therefore, it has been a blessing to see in the book of Philippians all of the joy innate in the Christian life. Thus far, we have covered the joyful memory, prayer life, and partnership which the Christian has. This week we will study in verses 6-8, the joyful hope, affection, and purpose which God has gifted us in Christ. Below is a resource that further explores the joyful hope we have that God will finish what he has begun.

Can a born-again Christian lose Salvation?

June 4 — Philippians 1:5, Attributes of a Joyful Life, Part 2

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As we seek to understand biblical joy in the book of Philippians, we turn from learning about a joyful memory and a joyful prayer life last week, to this week studying the joyful partnership which Paul had with the Philippians and how we can imitate that relationship in our own Church life. One central component of this partnership is a declared commitment to one another in the church; something we call Church Membership. Fittingly, not only will we be studying the necessity of Church membership for the Christian this weekend, but will be practicing it as we make a commitment with new members this Sunday! Check out this resource to help you prepare for a fruitful time this Sunday!

Is Church Membership Biblical? (Read – 10min)

May 28 – Philippians 1:3-8, Attributes of a Joyful Life, Part One

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In the first full paragraph of Philippians, Paul recounts his prayers regarding the Philippian church. Paul is a man who, though in prison, is filled with joy and who wants them to have the same joy. Thus, the first part of the prayer (3-8), Paul is explaining HIS joy, and the second part of the prayer (9-11) he explains his request for joy in their own lives. Based on that structure we will spend a few Sundays studying first, the Attributes of a Joyful Life, followed by a couple weeks looking at the Objectives of a Joyful Life. Take time to read the passage, meditate on it and if you have time take a look at the following sermon:

The Elements of Joy (Listen – 53min; Read 20min)

May 21 — Philippians 1:1-2, Finding Joy by Following Christ, Part 2

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Sunday, we return once again to wrap up our introduction to Philippians. I felt it was a necessary digression to spend a little extra time on the subject of elders and deacons, especially since, as promised last year, in the coming months we will be working on new church organizational documents. This coming week, it should not take us too long to wrap up the introduction to the letter and we will be on our way marching through this great book. For now, though, prepare your heart by looking again at some introductory material on the book.

Partners in the Gospel (Listen – 38min)

Book of Philippians Overview (Read – 5min)